I am a 20 something aspiring journalist from Vancouver BC, currently residing in Toronto.  From interviewing family and friends for home videos, impromptu news bulletins for my classmates, to substituting a short video for written assignment whenever possible. My interest in broadcast journalism continued to evolve as I grew older. I take pride in being knowledgeable about the current events going on in the world, and being the person to share that information.

I have recently graduated from the print and broadcast journalism program at Humber College, where I have worked as a reporter, writer, chase producer, on-air anchor, director, line-up producer and editor for a variety of different media platforms that include Humber Et Cetera (Print), Scribe (Magazine), Humber News (TV), 96.9 Radio Humber and Humber News (Online).

I have completed a variety of internships at notable stations and publications that include CTV Vancouver, The Hockey News, and Sportsnet the Fan 590.

I am currently working as a freelance writer, working as a content and digital writer for Yo Sox and Canadian Pharmacy Online.

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