Vet being hailed as a community hero for saving the life of injured puppy

A small town veterinarian in Kelowna, B.C., is being recognized as a ‘hero’ by local residents after he saved the life of a puppy who was found missing a paw.

Earlier this month, two women were on a trail ride throughout the backcountry of Kelowna and made a pit stop at a residential ranch, Kelowna Now reports.


(Photo: Facebook)

While exploring the ranch, the women noticed a tiny Border Collie puppy, that now goes by Jemma, that was having a hard time walking. They discovered the puppy was missing her back paw.

The women spoke with the ranch owner, who willingly surrendered the puppy over to them.

The five-month-old puppy was then taken to Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital in west Kelowna and went under the care of Dr. Moshe Oz.

After Jemma saw Dr. Oz, he realized that part of her leg was actually missing, possibly from a coyote attack.

In an interview with Kelowna Now, Dr. Oz said Jemma’s leg was “very swollen and infected.”

In order to ensure Jemma had a healthy life ahead of her, her infected leg had to be completely amputated.

“This would be a risky surgery as not only would Jemma be the youngest amputation ever performed at Rose Valley she was at risk for issues with anesthetic, clotting and general surgical complications,” Sabrina Fedorak, one of the riders who rescued the puppy, wrote on Facebook.

Dr. Oz felt the dog deserved a second chance and they needed to try and save her, despite only predicting Jemma having a 50 per cent chance of surviving the procedure.

His hard work paid off as Jemma is now on her way to a full recovery.
(Photo: Facebook)Jemma is now living in a new home and is continuing to get stronger and more comfortable walking on three legs.

Fedorak and the rest of the Kelowna community have thanked Dr. Oz for being a community hero and for donating his time to help save a little pup’s life.

When asked how he felt about being called a hero, Dr. Oz was quite humbled by his new title.

“To tell you the truth, me, my wife Dr. Noa, and all the staff, we do it from the bottom of our hearts. The most important part is to try and do the best. That’s why I became a vet. I live my dream every day. If I can help, why not.”


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