Overprotective mom’s trail of notes for house-sitting son is an online hit


A mother’s hilarious trail of notes that she strategically placed around her home for her house-sitting son to find has since become a viral hit after he shared them online.

Martyn Hett, 27, was assigned the dutiful task of watching over his mother Figen’s home while she spent two weeks on holiday in her native Turkey.

When he arrived at the home in Stockport, Greater Manchester, he was welcomed with a collection of 13 hand written notes that his mom placed all around the house, which offered him suggestions to ensure he had a seamless stay.

Hett was so thrown off by his mother’s notes that he shared them on Facebook, writing, “Who knew house sitting could be so complicated? Thanks for the notes mum.”

(Photos: Facebook/Martyn Hakan Hett)

(Photos: Facebook/Martyn Hakan Hett)

The notes included typical house-sitting instructions, from watching out for the evil family cat Misty, to advising him not use the upstairs bathroom for ‘number twos.’ The flush is currently broken, as is the door, with Figen telling her son  “you may never escape.”

And of course Hett’s mother left a note to encourage him to stay in contact with her via FaceTime, e-mail and the popular texting app What’s Up (also known was WhatsApp).

Another hilarious note read, “Help yourself to my food. Wine ok to have but please stay away from whisky (I know you don’t drink it but your mates may do).“

Hett said, “She does it every time she goes away, I have absolutely no idea why she leaves so many but I find them quite endearing.”

Hett is quick to note that his mother’s caution might be a byproduct of his own mischievous teenaged years.

“I’m obviously a responsible adult and have my own flat, but when I’ve house-sat for her in the past I would have parties and end up in trouble,” Hett told the Daily Mail.

“Mum has always found out in the past if I’ve thrown a party, but I’ll probably have one anyway. It’s too good a house to waste.”


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