From professional student to business professional

The luxurious days of sleeping in, procrastinating on your homework and pulling all nighters have come to an end and your graduation day is right around the corner.

*Cue Vitamin C’s graduation song*

But, while you may feel like you are ready to take on the world and land your dream job, you are beginning to notice that your days spent job hunting, and emailing out resumes are really adding up.

The vision in your head of where you imagine yourself working and building a career is becoming hazier, and you start to find yourself wondering if you were really cut out for the path that you chose.

You notice other classmates updating their LinkedIn profiles, or Facebook occupations, sharing where they landed their first real job, and you are left feeling confused.

Why is it that some potential candidates can stand out so far from the rest, and some are completely ignored?

Perhaps it could be that you don’t meet all of the job requirements, or have the exact education and training the employer is looking for.

According to Workopolis, 93 per cent of employers will check your social media presence before calling you in for an interview.

You might not realize how far back an employer might look at your Twitter or Facebook, or how much content has even accumulated over the years.

You always need to be conscious of what you are sharing and posting online, because one day someone might come across something you posted or were tagged in and might not hire you because of it.

I am currently on the job hunt, and I decided that I needed to ensure that my social media presence was professional, so I began a huge spring cleaning on my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I didn’t realize how much time it took to scroll through months of posts and pictures.  But then my mom actually informed me of a website that will do it for you!

The site is called Simple Wash, and it scrapes all of your accounts to remove anything that is inappropriate or offensive.

It was honestly so easy to use! You just log into your Facebook or Twitter account, and then the site will do a full sweep of your account looking for inappropriate content or words.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.42.13 AM

The truth is, the person sitting across from you during an interview wants you to do well. They want to hire you, or for you to be as good as you sound on paper.. but after searching through your various social media platforms they may think otherwise.

Just remember, only post things you would want your mother to see.. and approve of!

Happy job hunting.


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