Online Netiquette


Just because we live in a fast pace digital era doesn’t mean we have to let our manners become out-of-date either.  Rather, our manners should become more modernized and up to date with the constant changes in technology.  We now live in a world where we are constantly checking our smart phones, tablets or computers to stay caught up with emails, friends and family and all of the other social media updates  that we might need in-between.  That being said, we are always communicating with someone—whether its a colleague, your mom or even your boss, we must make sure we are now especially paying attention to our social media etiquette.

We spend our days hiding behind the screen of our computers or with our fingers quickly typing away at our smartphones, making it very easy to hide from the real world.  This makes it easier for people to behave online in ways that they might not normally do so offline.  You might have the confidence to call a friend out on a mistake they made, or try to ask your boss for a promotion, whatever the case, there are proper ways to go about doing these tasks, especially when online.

The most important rule to remember when sharing something online is that anything you post or comment on, will follow you. So, future employers and employees might not find the photo of you doing a keg-stand at your brother’s stag as cool as you might, so always rethink what you might post.

When you do decide on something to post, try to not post things that might upset other people.  No one likes socializing with a bragger or a complainer, so don’t do it online either.

If you ever come across anyone saying anything rude or mean towards you online, ignore them.  There is no point getting into an argument online, it will get you no where.  Act like a grownup and discuss your issues in person like an adult.

When you are about to upload something and tag a friend or a colleague and it might not be the most flattering photo, rethink it.  Always ask yourself if you would want the photo up if it was of you.  How you behave online could have a serious affect on someone else.

And finally, don’t over share.  There is a line that is often crossed online between what is and isn’t appropriate.  Your friends don’t want to hear about your depressing breakup, your bodily functions or your latest fight with your boyfriend.  Somethings are meant to be private. At the end of the day just remember to always act professional and courteous and only post things that your grandmother would be proud of.


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