Finding significance in the simple things

I can still remember the day when the local fire department came to my elementary school to discuss fire safety with my class and what we should do at our homes in case there was ever a fire.  I vividly remember this day because I went home after school and began packing up my favourite toys and items from my childhood into a large box.  My entire comic book collection, my diary, my keychain collection, some of my favourite photographs, stuffed animals, sports trophies, concert ticket stubs, and even some old movies.  I would fall asleep every night terrified that if something were to ever happen to my home, I would loose some of my most prized possessions. I kept the box next to my bedroom door for years, just in case anything were to happen, I would have everything that meant something to me right there in the big cardboard box.

As I grew older, the items in the box changed, almost as quickly as I changed my clothes.  What I once thought I couldn’t live without, became items that collected dust on the shelf in my room.  Sometimes when cleaning my bedroom I would come across an old ratty doll, or a faded photograph and I would laugh to myself about how stressed I would get over the thought of loosing this particular item.

Today, we live in a very materialistic and modernized society, where everyone is frantically lining up to get the next iPhone, tablet or video game, spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on these items, because we feel they are important and that we cannot live without them.  I will be the first to admit, I feel completely helpless without my cellphone and I consider it to be a very valuable item that I own — probably because I dished out $700.00 for it.

However, at the end of the day its not the expensive flashy items that I own that I would first think to pull out of a fire, or the old sentimental old toy from my childhood. The fact that I am getting out healthy and alive, knowing that I have an amazing family and supportive group of friends that have been there for me during every important milestone of my life is more significant than any replaceable item.

To me, the most significant items that I own are not things.  They can’t be defined by a price tag, or by how popular they are in a store. They aren’t physical items that you can hold, but they are worth more than anything else in the world.

I am old enough now to feel more than happy just knowing that I have lived a life that has been full of incredible people and countless unforgettable memories. To me, this is what is irreplaceable.

You can own a number of different popular gadgets, or save up for the next must have designer purse, but you will only have one lifelong best friend, soulmate or protective older brother. There will only be one sweet 16 birthday party, college graduation day or one unforgettable wedding day.

You should spend your life collecting moments, not things. You should cherish the people in your life and the memories that you have made together.

So when you are faced with the decision to select your most prized possession, what will you choose?


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