Me, Myself and I

Hello there, my name is Ainsley Smith and I am a 20 something journalism student at Humber College. Before I decided to make the transition of moving from Vancouver to Toronto and completely switch career paths from business marketing to print and broadcast journalism, I remember craving to be in a positive, motivational environment with new, interesting people in the most compelling city ever: TORONTO! When I initially made the decision to enroll, I was completely blinded by excitement and the desire to learn — previously already spending three long and painful years pretending that I was enjoying learning about business.

I remember last summer — wow a year has past already? Counting down the days until I could pack my bags and say adios to Vancouver and embark on my journey to a new city.  But as my leaving day  crept closer, the nervousness and reality of the whole situation set in…. I hadn’t spent more than a week away from my close friends and family.. let alone move to the complete opposite side of the country?

I’m not going to get into the details of my fears before arriving in Toronto, but let’s just say there were a few — including being left alone in a sketchy condo, with my neighbors screaming in the background.. not to mention starting a new year in a new city and province, with ZERO friends?

Well.. long story short, this past year has been the most amazing experience.  I have learned so much about myself and grown so much as an individual, sometimes I question myself.  I am a lot more appreciative of the simple things in my life — I guess that what happens when you basically live off of rice and tuna for a year..

As this most recent summer was quickly approaching and my first year was coming to an end, I went with my gut instinct and decided to come home for the summer, to work and relax.  However, shortly after, I learned that I was going to land an amazing internship with CTV working on the morning show — which has been the best eye-opener and experience of my life so far.  I can whole heartedly say that I am finally looking forward to my second year at Humber and getting back to classes, so I can make this dream of mine into a reality.

ANYWAYS — This is long for my first “post” but overall, I’m happy and I am inspired. I love my program and this exciting city that I now call home. I realize how lucky I am to have the opportunity to do what I love in the most stimulating city ever. I am with skilled, driven people and I can hardly wait to see what’s in store for the remaining two years at school and of course I will now continue to write about it all!


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